Missing Piece Of Nearly Every Financial Plan

There is a reason that jet engines are the most predictable engine to fly with.  The answer is that there is only one highly tuned moving part.  Compare that to most propeller airplanes, with hundreds of moving parts, the failure of any one can cause the plane to crash.

Now think about your money.  What kind of system are you using to build wealth?

One where there are hundreds of outside influences causing gains and losses?  One with fees and taxes that eat away at your financial freedom?

The Financial Bunker Is The Jet Engine Of Compounding

It is one of the most powerful compounding instruments on the planet.

It’s predictable.

It has decades of loyal dividend history.  And, unlike Wall Street investing Financial Bunkers have a stellar track record of financial security.

Insurance companies use high level mathematical formulas to create the compounding that will be applied to the Financial Bunker. Because of the certainty of the math of compounding, you know what your values will be 10, 20 and 30 years into the future based on today’s rate environment.

It’s the perfection of math applied to money.  It’s that simple.



Makes  You Rich When You Need To Be Rich

The Financial Bunker makes you rich when you need to be rich, and that is when you are old. Through the extreme math applied to the compounding, substantial amounts of wealth can be created, untouchable by the Government. Even if you borrow from the Financial Bunker, the compounding continues until the day you die.

Compounding Never Stops

In retirement you can create income, that is 100% tax-free. You can let it compound until you die. But while you are alive, expect that every year the insurance company will pay a dividend.

Why People Fail To Become Wealthy

One of the great freedoms the Financial Bunker holds is the ability to borrow against the compounding value.

This is called “The Bankers Math” in Rick Bueter’s book Build Your Bunker.

The lesson here is you never want to stop the compounding of your money.

It’s one of the greatest mistakes people make, and the most misunderstood principles of money. Because of the ability to access your money inside the bunker by being able to borrow against the compounding value, your money never stops compounding.

When you consider taxes in the compounding equation, the possibilities of having your savings inside the Financial Bunker are infinite.

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