Best Alternative To A 401k or IRA?

401k or Financial Bunker?

Some people already have a 401k, or IRA.

You sure can’t beat the free money that comes from an employer-matching plan.  But there are other things to consider.

These are things that are different for everyone. To a certain extent it’s how you feel about money, Government, taxes, and Wall Street investing.

It is also how you feel about the future.

Do you believe taxes will be higher?

Do you want to create income that is tax-free in retirement?

Do you want the ability to blend your retirement income?

Do you want to have access to all of your savings, instead of the limitations that are put on 401k and IRA plans?



Another consideration is debt.

I look at interest paid to banks as a tax.

It’s money that you will never see again. (You can consider the mortgage interest deduction but for most Americans the result of the tax savings is significantly less than the interest paid to banks.)

The Financial Cartel as I like to put it, has done a very good job of putting Americans deep into debt.

So much so, that unlike previous generations who understood the evils of debt, most baby boomers will die with debts. Home mortgages and college loans and credit cards are the big three.

So if you are asking the question should I fund my 401k, or fund a Financial Bunker, and you have debts, consider the Financial Bunker.

If you don’t have a bunker, start today. If you have debts, start today. Pay off the debts through your bunker.

For all the reasons you will find on this website, start building your Financial Bunker right now.

The financial freedom and utility you will find when you have a Financial Bunker cannot be found in another savings place.

It’s amazing what opportunities arise when you have a Financial Bunker.

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