How To Build A Tax-Free Retirement

If you are like most Americans, we are all a little bit leery of what is coming regarding taxes in our country.

I believe it is safe to say that no matter what any politician says, taxes are going up over the long term.

So if you believe that like I do, what should you be thinking about?

If you have money in tax-deferred retirement savings, the question is…

“How Much Of Your IRA Will You Have To Turn Over To The Government When You Retire?”

The answer to that question…

Is a complete mystery.


So how do you plan ahead?

What steps can you take right now to protect your personal freedom, when the Government comes knocking at the door asking for more money?



You build a Financial Bunker.

You start building your savings the farthest away from income taxes you can. You use the immense compounding power to grow your savings predictably, safe and secure. When you get to retirement you draw money out of the Financial Bunker 100% income tax-free.


Blend Your Income

Nobody knows exactly what the income tax rates are going to be in the future. But if you are smart, think about what you might do to prepare. Using the Financial Bunker you can blend your retirement income. You may have 401k, or IRA money for retirement. That is going to be taxed at what ever rate is in effect at the time you withdraw it.

However, if you create income from your Financial Bunker, that will not even show up on your tax return.

This additional income, you put into your pocket as if you were paid cash on a job. It is completely untaxed, and even unreported.

Income Tax-Free Retirement.

That is the power of the Financial Bunker!

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