Profit From A Private Family Leasing Company

The Financial Bunker holds infinite possibilities when used for private banking.

Families who have built their bunkers can set up a personal private leasing company and lease cars between family members.

Before we go any further it’s important to say this is something you need to speak with your tax advisor about this as their are too many details to cover in this post.

There are several benefits to the creation of a private family car leasing company.


To begin, the one setting up the company can receive depreciation on the car they lease to a family member. Depending on how the private leasing company is set up, these deductions can flow through to a personal tax return.


The owner of the bunker makes a personal loan to the leasing company. The bunker owner then charges interest to the leasing company for the loan. This becomes a deduction for the leasing company, and potentially income to the bunker owner depending upon the interest rate charged.


The leasing company then purchases the car that the family member wishes to drive and sets a lease payment. The lease payment is determined and settled on between family members, but normally it will take into consideration the residual value of the car at the end of the lease. Even the terms of the lease are totally in the hands of family members. Other considerations are the interest cost the bunker owner charges the leasing company.

Financial Freedom

There are many variables to consider when using the Financial Bunker for this solution. Because family members are involved, this type of scenario isn’t just about making money off your family. It’s also about the freedom that is created for everyone out of the process.

No credit checks. No bank loan applications. Privacy.

And you keep the money within your family!

As you can see, the Financial Bunker holds immense financial freedom.

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