The Greatest Generation Money Lesson

Is Wall Street in a bubble?

Will there be another crash?

Will interest rates go up?

The way I see it is that Americans are sitting on pins and needles right now. Consider the fact that nearly 90% of Americans savings lies in the most unpredictable asset class, the stock and bond market. The chance of another stock market event… Certainly is greater than zero.

The problem is that we have gotten away from the fundamentals of saving money.

Through the glaze of flashing banners on television, just like a casino, Americans have been lured away from what creates real wealth.

Those of the Greatest Generation understood money very well. I would say, there are great lessons to be learned about money from these elders.



They understood predictability.

They understood and respected compounding.

This is how these people paid off their homes. It’s how they found themselves with immense savings at the end of their lives. This generation understood the immense value of a Financial Bunker when the banks closed, and when the 1929 stock market crashed.

Can You Find Predictability Today?


It is the foundation of a Financial Bunker.

These specially designed accounts are the most predictable place for money on the planet, for over 100 years.

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