The Income Tax-Free Estate

Do have an IRA, 401k or other tax-deferred plan?

Do you have annuities that will become taxable to your children at death? (Living trusts don’t protect your family from these taxes.)

Ninety percent of the savings of Americans sits inside tax-deferred Government sponsored retirement savings accounts.

The Government knows what Americans have in these. These accounts are the least private asset one can hold.

Lawsuits abound because of the excessive fees in these plans.

The illiquidity forces Americans to pay banks interest because your money is tied up.

But what is the cost to get money out these tax-deferred plans???

A complete mystery.  But your children will learn the answer when you die.  They are the ones who get the tax bill for the IRA inheritance.

Is there a better way to plan an estate?

Build A Financial Bunker.

The Financial Bunker is a perfect way to leave money to your family.

It is 100 percent income tax free. (That means No Government)

It provides liquidity to the account values if needed, and it’s safe, predictable. It’s return is competitive with it’s risk.

Money can be transferred into the Financial Bunker over a period of years.

This allows for the ability to “dollar cost average” the taxes over time, instead of completely paying the taxes at once.

Remember, you are leaving your children the income tax bill for your retirement savings.

The Financial Bunker is a perfect alternative to leaving an estate that will drown your heirs in taxes.