You Live-You Die It Pays Tax Free

Nearly 90 percent of the savings Americans have are in tax-deferred retirement accounts.

When this money transfers to the next generation (the children), the taxes become due and payable. It is the children who will bear the responsibility of the income taxes on these inherited IRAs.

The specially designed Financial Bunker is completely the opposite.

When a death occurs, there are no income taxes on the gains within the account.

Additionally, because these accounts are created with a minimal amout of life insurance, that additional amount is also, paid completely income tax-free.

All of this is possible because the Financial Bunker uses Section 7702 of the IRS code. This is the section where life insurance companies reside.



The life insurance aspect makes sense because the Financial Bunker has so many uses.

College Funding, Retirement Saving, Wealth Building, Estate Planning, Private Banking are all uses for the Financial Bunker.

All of these have a need for life insurance as a way to complete their objective if the insured dies before the goal is reached.

Even after the goal is reached, having savings compounding inside the Financial Bunker is a powerful way to predictably grow and protect your money from Government.

We all die someday.

You can build your life’s savings in a Government Sponsored plan where you don’t know what will happen when you die, OR you can build it in a Financial Bunker.

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