Am I Too Old For A Financial Bunker?

Great News!

You Are NOT To Old … Build Your Bunker.  (But hurry)

Some people think they are too old to build a Financial Bunker.

Not true.

We know of 85 year old’s who have built their Financial Bunker. Now this takes a little more work, but the outcome is worth it.

Some people ask, why would anyone age 85 want to do this…

1. Instant Creation of Income Tax Free Wealth. (We are all going to die. There is no way out.)
2. Privacy of savings. There are no annual IRS filings required.
3. Financial Security
4. Predictable compounding. (Watch the money grow.)
5. The fact that the money is NOT sitting in a bank.
6. Avoidance of probate and simplicity in estate settlement.


Take  look at Jim and Betsey.  For all the reasons you will see here a Financial Bunker can make sense even when you are 85!



Of course there are other considerations.

But for all the reasons you have discovered on this website, a Financial Bunker can make sense for nearly everyone.

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