The Power Of Multi-Generational Financial Bunkers

As more and more families discover the possibilities of Financial Bunkers, they are thinking generationally.

Financial Bunkers are being created based on the lives of children and grandchildren.

Most American family wealth doesn’t make it past the second generation. The reasons are numerous, but it’s mostly because there is no formalized communication process. The reasons for that we will leave for another blog, but here is what informed families are doing who recognize what is going on with money, Government and taxes.


Parents are doing advanced estate planning and transferring wealth inside the bunkers through multiple generations. We discuss the technical parts of this in the Financial Bunker Course.

Here’s the Outcome

1. Substantial amounts of Income Tax-Free wealth is created because of the compounding allowed by using the lives of the youngest family members.
2. Real financial independence is achieved by future generations. No banks, no income taxes on Financial Bunker savings.
3. Family members have access to compounding values, 100% income tax free
4. Creation of a Private Family Bank.

The possibilities when creating multi-generation Financial Bunkers are limitless.

Opportunities may arise, or a college education may need financing, or maybe just the personal freedom to say no to taxes, banks and even Wall Street.

The Freedom the Financial Bunker holds is immense.