Predictable Growth Year After Year

Are looking to earn 15% on your money?

The Financial Bunker is not the place.  However you can find plenty of those promises

in the “Super Casino” of Wall Street and other gambles.

The Financial Bunker is about earning a rate of return commensurate with risks.

It’s about applying the math of compounding.

It’s about taxes.

It’s about privacy.

And it’s about independence.

It’s about knowing with the highest degree of certainty that your money will be there for you or your family.  For the same reason the U.S. Comptroller of The Currency Advocates that commercial banks put 25% of their safest money into Financial Bunkers, you should do the same.



What to Expect

The typical return for a Financial Bunker can range from 4 to 6 percent. It is possible that a return could be higher. Remember, the Financial Bunker is 100% income tax free. To explore this further, one needs to look at the financial illustration an insurance company produces to see the actual numbers.

Consider The Taxable Equivalent

To grow and compound money, without limitations as a Financial Bunker can, the only other alternative is municipal bonds. But even municipal bonds come with their own set of issues.

If the Financial Bunker can grow at just a 4% rate of return, the taxable equivalent in a 35% marginal bracket is 6.15%. Compared to long-term returns on bonds, the Financial Bunker is an asset class everyone should have just for the return.

A Bunker’s Purpose

Savings inside a Financial Bunker is not your risk money. It is your Tier 1 money. Just like the banks, it’s the money you put aside that is completely uncoupled from other assets like the stock market, and real estate. It’s in a completely different section of tax code than a 401k or IRA.

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