Real Family Financial Independence – Debt Free

In today’s world, it’s knowledge about money works that holds the key to real financial freedom.

Entire families are using the power of the Financial Bunker as an instrument for personal finance. Generally, the elders of the family are building Financial Bunkers for themselves using their lives, or their children’s lives. Parents are borrowing from their bunkers and loaning money to their children.

There are infinite uses for the bunker when you start to consider all the needs.

Here are just a few common problems the bunker can solve…

1. Paying off high interest college loans
2. Loans to children as a down payment on their home
3. Car leasing to family members
4. Paying off high interest credit card debt

The Hidden Value

The education system provides no real knowledge about how money works. This has created a great opportunity for the banks to take advantage of Americans both young and old.

The financial education that takes place when families build Financial Bunkers is eye opening. It’s knowledge about money, compounding and taxes, which quite frankly the banks and the Government would rather people not know.

Bringing Families Together

It’s not uncommon for families building Financial Bunkers to hold annual meetings.

Like the Native American Indians where elders shared their wealth of stories of survival, families concerned about money, taxes and politics are doing the same. They are learning together and sharing ideas about building family and preserving wealth all in the cause of financial freedom.

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