Small Corporation LLC Debt Without A Bank

Do you own a corporation?

What if you could finance equipment, without having to borrow money from a bank?

What if you could instead, just borrow from your own Private Bank, charge your corporation interest and even make a profit if you chose to?

It’s one of the most unique ways to provide off balance sheet financing to your corporation. There are a variety of reasons to avoid bank financing when you are a business owner.

First of all, banks look at corporation loans generally as high-risk deals.

To get a loan for your corporation it generally requires lots of documentation, approvals, a tap of your credit score and then you wait. If you need a new vehicle, or a piece of equipment for your business you generally can’t afford to wait.

And certainly you don’t want the future of your business to be in hands of a bank officer who is thinking about what to make for dinner tonight, not your business.

Taking a loan from your Financial Bunker is a private source of capital that can be loaned personally to your corporation. This then becomes an unsecured liability on the part of the corporation as a debt to you personally.

You as an individual can then determine the rate of interest you would like to charge your corporation, and then corporation pays that interest as an expense to the corporation and as income to you the individual who loaned the money.

What you charge is your business and not determined by anyone but you. You control the interest you charge your corporation and you can change it at any time.

Immense Privacy

Now, imagine you have made a loan from your Financial Bunker to your corporation.

That loan does not show up on any credit report.

The banks don’t know you have it.

Consider that you may want to buy a new house, or other investment property. The loan you have made from your Financial Bunker does not hurt your ability to get more credit from a bank if you need it.

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