Unique Asset Class – Uncoupled From Wall Street

Are your assets Uncorrelated Asset.

Think about where the majority of your savings sits right now.

Is it in mutual funds, stocks or bonds?

Most American’s are familiar with Wall Street investments. The constantly go up and they go down. The factors that cause the volatility are many.

Some factors are rising or falling profits. Other factors could be events or actions by others that have not even been imagined.

9/11 was an event that nobody imagined that closed the stock market for 4 days. The last two decades have seen numerous financial events.

Here’s the problem…

Nearly 90% of the liquid savings of Americans is invested in Wall Street investments. What we have learned is this type of asset diversification is dangerous.

This puts a person’s financial life totally at the outcome of Wall Street.

For the same reason that commercial banks do, Americans should hold liquid assets that are uncorrelated to Wall Street.

When the stock market crashes, you want money that does not go down with the market.

When interest rates rise bonds lose value. When that happens, you want to have money that accelerates it’s compounding income tax-free without losses.


The Financial Bunker is that place.

The Financial Bunker is 100% disconnected from the volatility of Wall Street. It is an asset that is uncorrelated to the stock or bond market.

Again, that is why commercial banks use Financial Bunkers in their Tier 1 capital.

It’s safe, predictable, and secured by legal contract.

The Financial Bunker is the pillar of every smart savers financial plan.

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