What Is A Financial Bunker?

We live in a world where the next financial crisis is just a moment away. Traditional financial advice has created the perfect system where banks and Wall Street firms will collect nearly $700,000 in lifetime fees from average Americans.

Today, the Federal Government is in debt crisis management.

With 90% of most American’s savings sitting in financial accounts sponsored by the Federal Government (IRAs and 401ks), the future tax and market risks to these put one’s life savings at extreme risk.

So What Is The Answer?

You Build A Financial Bunker

It’s the greatest secret about money you have never heard. The wealthy, the commercial banks, and even a few million Americans know about these.

For if every American knew about the Financial Bunker, it could make a serious dent in the profits of the banks and Wall Street firms.

However, knowledge about these specially designed financial accounts is being suppressed by what are supposed to be trusted sources about money. Interestingly it’s the same sources that are charging hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees and charges over a lifetime.

According to the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency the financial bunker is the safest place for money. It’s where the greatest personal tax-freedom lies in the IRS Tax Code. It’s where hundreds of billions of dollars sit, building wealth using the most predictable process of money.

How It Works

Within the IRS Tax Code is a section called 7702.

It’s the section that defines how life insurance contracts are taxed. The Financial Bunker uses 7702 to create a specially designed contract. This is very different from a regular life insurance contract in that the goal is to maximize the amount of savings, not the death benefit. However, there are many more details that are part of the design.

Used properly, you can emancipate your savings from the income tax system forever. While doing this, you still retain the use, control and liquidity of your money.

The Financial Bunker holds immense tax, financial empowerment.

As you will learn from this website, the opportunities for using the power of a Financial Bunker are unlimited.



*The average family will refinance or buy a home 7 times during their life.  Loan interest paid to banks is highest in the early years.  The average family will finance 22 cars over a lifetime.  Demos.org has reported the average family lifetime fees on 401ks to be over $150,000.

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